Splice Goblin

Today's costume was born of the urge to create a cheesy villainous mastermind character.  Something vaguely threatening, but altogether defeat-able by any able-bodied hero that might happen to stumble into his insidious plots of world domination.  Thus was born Splice Goblin.

I don't often play the Mastermind archetype, and every time I do, I ask myself why I don't play it more frequently.  They're fun powersets, Splice Goblin's being Robot minions/Phaser.

I'm fairly content with how the costume flows.  The bare-legged look is risky because it can come off as just-plain-stupid, but since Splice Goblin is a cheese-of-the-nineties cartoon villain, it lends well to the concept.

Here he be callin' his loyal robotic servants.

Due to the camera-pan limitations of the costume creator (the ONLY limitation, I swear!), it was pretty much impossible to get a full-frontal of the robots.  However, I'm sure you still get the idea that they're pretty neat and teched-out.

Again, I'm a giant jag-off for not getting better screengrabs of the minions, especially since this particular 'bot is standing off in the distance, and actually comes to a size quite intimidating and grand to see in action. 

To make up for it, a nice shot of the gun in action.  Not to mention, it's a lovely shot of some leg.  When he's passing on the street, you can be sure there are people whistling behind him.  Simply gorgeous.

Ciao for now, readers!


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