Ye olde rogues gallery

After a month's hiatus, it's good to be back up and running!  It's been a hectic four weeks or so, but I've gotten my shit back on track, and I've got four or five posts worth of pictures to share with you beautiful people.  For today though, I'm gonna share some pictures from the first week or so of my playing the game, so consider this kinda a retro-post.  Enjoy the inanity!

Ahh, he was my signature hero for a while, my main man, and a fun character overall.  The name alone was the inspiration, and yeah...  Told you guys I had more nation-themed characters.  I'll definitely get around to posting the German guy in the near future, you'll probably appreciate that one, alright.

Ha, my communist creation, the CommuKnight.  Kinda a tech-themed medieval sonuvabitch.  I've gone through a few different incarnations of the costume, but this was the original and one of my all-time favourites.

Originally, I was gonna call him Johnny Fallout, because it just sounds so much slicker, but of course that was taken.  He's my apocalyptic, radiation-based villain with neon-green themed powers.  Fun stuff.

Aaaand, last but not least, Nytestroke.  The first character I ever created, EVER.  An assassin type character who throws knives and shit.  I deleted him a long time ago, but I'm thinking of revamping him now that I know the limits of the costume creator a bit better.  What think?

And, as a parting note, like I said, I am back for good and posting at least a few times a week for you folks.  So, let's get the shit underway!



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