Couteau Rouge

After a quick look through my post history, I realized that Chronic Alt-itis is severely lacking in female characters; that is to say, there ain't none here yet.  No heroes, no villains, no nothing.  Therefore, I made to rectify that situation last night by creating a brand-spanking-new alt who is quite definitely of the female variety!  Not only that, she's French!  Without further ado, Couteau Rouge:

There were two aims in my creation here, two different themes I was trying to tie together.  I wanted the whole seductive female assassin look (take a gander at Molotov Cocktease for a good example), but I wanted to couple that with a goth kind of look and persona (no seriously), and in my humble opinion, it didn't come out half bad.

Now, for those of you who aren't fluent in French, or else don't know how the Google works, allow me to shed some light on the origin of her name:

Couteau Rouge = 'Red Knife'

Yes, it quite literally translates to 'Red Knife.'  A dumb name in English, sure, but luckily everything sounds hella sexy in French.  

A duel blades/reflexes Stalker, her primary is all about stabbing and her secondary is all about stealth and ninja flips.  I don't play this powerset often, due to the fact that it's a villain set and I usually stick to heroes (personal preference, no offense meant to the baddies.)  Still, I couldn't imagine this character as a hero, but more of a mercenary.  In simpler terms, I'd say it's Elektra-from-Daredevil-meets-Raven-from-Teen-Titans-meets-the-French-language.  Sexy, amirite?  Nothin' sexier than long-legged pixels!

Here she be demonstrating the power of stealth and invisibility.  Pretty nifty, and incredibly handy in-game, as this particular powerset doesn't offer much in the way of defense.  Stalkers are all about, well, stalking.  Stabs from the shadows, and hasty retreats.  Get in, get off, get out and all that jazz.

That's all for now, be sure to check out some of the other cossies on your right, and check back regularly for more cape-and-cowl goodness!  


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