If this is your first time here, you should definitely read this, as it is completely and utterly integral to understanding what is going on within these here web pages.  Without reading all this extremely important stuff that I'm writing right here, there would be chaos in the streets.  You would come here and you would just be confused!  That would be awful.

Chronic Alt-itis is a new name for an old concept of mine; In my humble opinion, the name is a better fit than that old one, whatever that was.  If you've ever dabbled in any MMORPG, you might be aware of the bastard-word 'alt-itis,' a rough definition being, 'A condition whereupon an individual is addicted to the act of character creation, and exhibits a tendency to spend more time inventing alternate characters than playing the actual game.'

Rather than let all this creativity go to waste by sitting and gathering dust within the confines of my log-in menu, I figured, hey, why not start a blog that showcases all this fantastic stuff my imagination churns out?  So I did.  And that's where you are right this very minute.  Insane, right?

Upon digging through the site archives, aside from the various screencaps of the various heroes and villains, you'll find music recommendations (the stuff I listen to while tinkering with costumes), news and updates for the game City of Heroes (don't forget to check the sidebar for various CoX-related links!), and random posts by yours truly that are sure to warm the cockles of your heart.

Now that everything's been cleared up and explained thoroughly, feel free to look around, leave a comment or two, hell, send me an email; I don't usually bite.  

Sincere thanks for your patronage,



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