The Bananarchist

It all started with the name, naturally.  Such a beautiful portmanteau, and a wonderful mashing of themes; banana meets anarchy.  Lovely.  Who wouldn't want to design a character based on fruit and mayhem?  Too much fun.

Equipped with nothing but a bow, some arrows, and a can-do attitude, the Bananarchist is your average everyday potassium-fueled modern-day Robin Hood.  Except when he steals from the rich, it's usually to burn the money in the streets.  He hates currency.  He also doesn't stray from a tussle with anybody, be they cop or criminal, if they stand in the way of his mission.  What that mission may be or entail, nobody knows.  Nobody even knows if the Bananarchist himself knows what he's doing, as he seems to be out to cause the most trouble he can for whoever he feels like troubling.

Because of the way I imagine his personality, I couldn't really peg him as either a hero or a villain, so naturally I made him Praetorian, leaving me twenty levels till I have to make the decision what side he might be on.  At the moment I'm leaning toward 'villain,' but we'll see.  My mind changes with my mood and sometimes with the tide, so it could still go either way.

As he's an Arrow/Trick Arrow corruptor, he has lots and lots of arrow options to choose from, and of course I've only so far shown the basic arrow and a couple shots of the flaming arrow.  To expand on the variety, let's take a look at a few.  

Arrows like:

The explosive arrow, and this is of course a before shot.  I'd show you the after-shot, but it's big enough that the screen is mostly just white.  A handy arrow indeed.

The ice arrow, that freezes an opponent in a solid block of ice.  Also handy.

The toxic arrow, which releases a cloud of fumes that deals poison damage and probably smells pretty nasty, judging by the look of it.

Aaaand, last but not least, he can shoot a net.  There are other arrows he has, like glue and oil slick, as well as a multi-arrow shot and others, but they're far less photogenic than these nifty ones.  Still useful, but not as pretty.

Be sure to stop by later this week for more updates, and more importantly, more costumey goodness!


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