Exoplanetary:  Of or pertaining to a planet outside our solar system.

Exoplanet: Planets orbiting stars other than our sun.

I figured I'd start this post off with a couple obligatory definitions to help explain this next guys name.  Guess what it is yet?  Here's a hint: it's in the post title.  Give up?  Well, let me just do the whole introduction thing then.  Exoplanetary is my latest alt to be given the screencap-treatment, and the iconic simplicity is probably one of my favourite things about this particular character.

For anybody that reads Invincible, a comic series written by Robert Kirkman for Image Comics, rest assured that the inspiration for this character is Omni-Man, and I imagine Exoplanetary to exhibit the classic Viltrumite attitude; arrogance, discipline, self-assurance, and a ton of power to back up the ego.

Massive as an oak tree and probably twice as old, I'd imagine this character as a sort of Superman-sans-mercy.  Practically bursting with raw kinetic energy, Exoplanetary would be the messiah from the stars that we wish would cool off a bit.  His methods are all about getting the job done quickly and efficiently, and murder is but a moral grey area.  See those eyes?  Yeesh.

Let's take a look at his various powers, eh?

Playing with balls of white light looks fun, but what's the point without a boom?


Exoplanetary, kiddies.  Hope you enjoyed the post, and be sure to check back later this week for some more new toons!


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