What with the new look and the new direction of the site, I figured it made a certain amount of sense to make it a solid trifecta of terrific by including a brand spankin' new post with a new toon.  That's what this bad boy happens to be, ladies and gentlemen.  Meet Quakevayne, a guy who has control over blood-red crystals, and tremble with fear!  Because he's so scary!  I mean, LOOK AT HIM.

Pretty hardcore if I do say so myself.  And I do indeed say so.  Let's see what the whole thing looks like, shall we?

Isn't that just neat and nifty?  But wait, we haven't seen any of these so-called crystals!  Where is all the colour at?  Let's look on:

Well isn't that cool, he can RIP CHUNKS OUT OF THE GROUND and THROW THEM AT YOUR FACE.  It's a fun power to use in-game, to be sure.  Nothing quite as satisfying as throwing giant red rocks at people.  I urge you all to try it sometime.

Let's end this post on a fun note:  with a big-ass crystal mallet!

Keep it real, folks.  You've been a wonderful audience.


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